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ităţi clip de concurs A: I have to say it's a pity it's not working in the comments. Are you a happy customer? In any case, I suggest you to put your phone number in the "about me" page. In this way you can be contacted in case of issues, you'll receive information and you'll always be updated with new content. When the user will click on your "about me" button, he will have his phone number in your own site. As for the "about me" section you can always use third party services like Google+ or Facebook or something like that to create a page that is there by default for the user to put his info. Q: Using the "call" method on a function which is not defined as a function I need to use the runJS() function from the jQuery library to run a line of javascript from within a script tag. The function I am trying to call is not defined as a function and so I am not sure what the correct syntax is to call it. Is this possible? jQuery("#frm").on("submit", function() { var msg = "hello"; runJS("var message = " + msg); runJS("alert('Hello from Javascript')"); I have tried the following runJS(function(){ return "var message = " + msg; }); return "alert('Hello from Javascript')"; I have also tried the following, with no luck. var x = runJS("var message = " + msg); var y = runJS("alert('Hello from Javascript')"); Is there another way



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Contract Vanzare Cumparare Auto Model Docl orsria

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