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Creating Your Bedroom Heaven

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

It won't cost you a bomb for having a nice bedroom and it can be fun and thrilling at times. If you go for furniture because of its price then you can stop reading from here. I don't mean to say that if it is cost-efficient it's bad but you need to have a theme, you don't buy simply because it is on sale!

Your bedroom is your personal getaway after a tiring day of work, and your sanctuary to express your inner desires and personality.

That’s why let us give you some tips on how you can design and decorate your bedroom with some general observations and rules in order to achieve bedroom heaven of your dreams!


They are the first thing that you should consider, the choice of colours will affect your mood and your bedroom’s comfort level. Some people prefer bold colours, which suits their lively personality.

Most of them prefer a calm and serene feel to set a cosiness mood, choose soothing shades, monochromatic tones or toned down version of your favourite colours.

Don’t forget to match the colours of your wall as well, especially your ceiling!


A bedroom should look cosy, simple yet elegant, and space is a major factor for your choice of furniture. The pathways connecting to from end to end, and for example, your bathroom, should not be obstructed or difficult to navigate.

To achieve that, you can either get space saving furniture or low, compact and modern furniture which tends to keep within their own space but radiates elegance.

With those extra spaces, you can even afford to get accessories such as carpet, or paintings, which is now possible with the choice of the right size furniture. There is also furniture which houses storage space beneath or at the side, saving a lot of space.

You might consider our Bedroom Sets which our designers which have been articulately designing for all your bedroom needs.

They come in matching colours and are readily available to be transported to your bedroom in a full set, from the bed, bed frame, wardrobe to dressing table etc. Spaces have also been taken into consideration as we are Singaporeans too!

Yours truly!

We look forward to your bedroom heaven! #bedroom #cozyroom #bedroomset #modernroom #coloursfull

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